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Design & Innovation

We have in-house facilities for both carton construction (CAD) and graphic design.

We can design a carton from product concept stage right the way through to finished printed samples.

Need artwork amends ? We can provide this service on site and on time.



Multiple printing presses provide flexibility to offer a wide range of print finishes.

Our brand new 7 colour KBA Rapida 106 printing press means we can offer a wide range of special finishes. Both UV and Conventional options are available.



Litho Laminated packaging is ideal for strength and protection with the added advantage of having high quality litho print finishes.

Our on site lamination facility serves to improve lead times and maintain quality.


Cutting & Creasing

Our brand new Iberica Optima 106 cutting and creasing machines allow us the accuracy and speed required in today’s demanding market place.

Virtually hands free stripping and waste extraction are perfect for and direct food packaging.


Window Patching

Need to display your product but do not have the budget for a plastic carton ? Window Patching is your next best option.

Our on site facility allows single or multiple apertures allowing for great product visibility.



Our on site gluing facility can glue many styles of cartons from straight line, crashlock, tapered crashlock, snaplock, 4 corner, 6 corner and many more besides.

All our gluing styles can be achieved on solidboard, litholam and plastic cartons.


Stock Management

We can provide a bespoke stock management system which can range from just-in time to stock & serve options.

Our computer controlled stock management system ensures that adequate stock rotation is maintained.



Our relationship with approved hauliers allows us the facility to delivery anywhere at any time.

And for local deliveries we also have our own fleet of vehicles.

Special Finishes



The Braille system is a set of raised dots that can be felt with a finger and is a system used by blind people to read and write.

We can re-produce text in braille on our cartons where required. This service is most commonly requested by our Pharmaceutical customers on their packaging.

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Coin Reactive Inks

This is an anti-counterfeiting measure we can use when requested.

When printed, this ink provides an opaque finish that when scratched with a coin, reveals hidden text or logo to confirm that a carton is authentic.

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Micro Text

Micro text printing is another of the anti-counterfeiting techniques we can use on our cartons.

We can print micro text down to size 0.6pt, which makes it too small to read with the naked eye. This makes it very difficult to reproduce if attempting to counterfeit.

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Pattern Varnish

A pattern varnish can form part of the graphic design of a carton or can additionally be used as a security element to reinforce the authenticity of the packaging.


Dual Varnish

In addition to all over Gloss, Matt or Silk varnishes, we can print dual varnishes.

Often referred to as Spot Varnishes, this process is used to enhance specific areas of the cartons artwork.

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Soft Touch Varnish

This results in a soft feel / tactile finish to the carton

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Embossing / De-Bossing

These processes either create a raised pattern on the carton or a sunken pattern to provide a contrasting textured element.

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Foil Blocking

This is widely used on Premium Packaging to give that luxury look and feel.

Foil Blocking is frequently combined with Embossing and De-Bossing.


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